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Now that you already have all the artworks at home, you're ready to start with the wall decor. However, before you even start picking up the hangers and the hammer, you need to figure out exactly how you're going to display your paintings, photographs, and art posters.

There are a lot of places that you can have all your artworks that you probably didn't even consider. So, here are some ideas to make your home shine.

#1: On the bookshelf

One of the most overlooked spaces for having your artworks in on a bookshelf. They are the perfect place to have unique prints and framed photographs. And they will easily become the centerpiece of your room. 

#2: On the cabinet

When you look at your cabinet, you'll see that you probably chose your favorite objects to be displayed there. However, why not have a special photography there instead with a beautiful frame?

#3: On the mantel

One of the best places that you have to display art is the mantel over your home's fireplace. And one of the best things is that you can even take advantage of the shelf to line them up. You can either have several smaller painting aligned or you can have a bigger painting.

#4: Expect the Unexpected

One of the rooms that most people don't even remember about doing wall decor is the bathroom. But why can't you add some beautiful art pieces here? You can use some unframed oil paintings, some framed photographs, or even some art posters.

#5:  Transitional Spaces

Transitional spaces such as office nooks and hallways are also a great place to display your artworks. Even though most people tend to forget about these spaces, the truth is that when you use them for having some artwork they will go into the flow with the rest of your home.

#6: Enliven Your Entry

Your entry door will give your guests the first impression of your home as well as about you and your tastes. So, make sure that you select some beautiful artworks to display here.

#7: Find the Right Frames

One of the best ways that you have to enhance your smaller art pieces is to display them on high-quality and even dramatic frames. Just make sure they make the artwork stand out.

#8: Variation of Style

You probably have some unused space at home that you just don't know what to do with it. So, you just leave it there, without any kind of wall decor or furniture. However, even these small corners and forgotten places can be completely transformed by using your art pieces.

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Paintings that do not contain any  bars to support it.

You will have to get it stretched on wooden bars.

to hang on a wall



Means that the painting comes with wood stretcher bars attached against the back of the painting. This simply means that you are now able to hang your painting on a wall once received.

to hang on a wall



Allows you to protect the painting for several years. Of course, it is ready to hang once received

it depends...



That could be anything else... From an installation or sculpture, to paintings on a special surface like wood, stone or glas.

Because we are global and have artists offering many different types of works, It is always recommended to review the full artwork description.