About Us

We are extremely passionate about art, and are doing our part to perpetuate
the beauty of unique art at affordable prices

This is wydr, where we offer original paintings on an open art-trading platform.
We are changing how people interact with art, employing the same like/dislike structure
popularized by Tinder to give artists the recognition and financial reward that they
deserve, and art lovers the fantastic artwork that they desire.

wydr app

Driven by the question of why it is so difficult to find affordable but original art for homes,
Matthias and Timo, the two founders of wydr, brainstormed and came up with the
brilliant idea of getting artists exposure for their work while providing discerning art lovers
with relatively inexpensive exquisite original art. The result of their idea is wydr,
a platform that makes it easy for art lovers and artists to find each other.

Matthias and Timo


Both founders met during the course of their Executive MBA. Despite or because of the
fact that Matthias is colour-blind, he has always had a very personal view on and
access to art. Combined with Timos passion wydr was born for
technology and digitalisation, wydr was born.