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And how does it work?

Artists upload their paintings to our database from around the world. Free registration and submission of artworks!


wydr subsidizes shipping! When you ship an artwork to the buyer, just let us know how much you've paid and we'll reimburse you.

You'll get an email from us once one of your artworks has been sold. You will need to package the painting and ship it to the buyer. Your local Post office can handle the shipping. No need to call a specialized “art transport” or James Bond for the extra level of protection :) 


You tell us how much you want for your artwork, we add our commission (30%) and a flat fee for global shipping. e.g. you want 200 € for your work, we add 30% (=60€) and a flat fee for shipping (depending on your location/size of the artwork, etc). That's the final price shown on wydr.

You don't have to include shipping costs into your pricing, shipping is paid for by wydr!


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