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Persistence (brown)

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Persistence (brown)

Technique: mixed media - original art - sculpture - from germany - shipping included
Height: 70 cm
Width: 60 cm

Persistence This series of work which by now consists of 13 relief sculptures is inspired by a friends call for artworks. Found, often discarded materials intrigue me and I have been collecting this or that by itÍs sheer beauty of colour for a long time. Has it been merely red in the beginning I have added other colours over time. My boxes with stuff filled up to the brim and literally asked me to get going with it to create a work. The series of work started in a rather playful manner by adding, subtracting, shifting, changing, the ïthingsÍ around. The round, circular form has fascinated me. I have explored the square before in painting and have come to love the rectangular shape with no preference to the sides in form other than given by the colour on the surface. The same was true for me by using the round shape: there is no given top and bottom, no left and right, hanging at any angle it still looks straight and right. Challenging though was the composition of each round: Do I force and enhance the shape? Do I ignore it? How are the ïthings/elementsÍ effected by a round base? How wide will the relief become? With the myriad of colourful objects and things I had a variety of possibilities to play with of which thirteen examples are shown here. Further more I would like to experiment with the sphere instead of the circular form as well as with adding colourful things/objects into public areas.

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