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Ankita roy

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Oil on paper10" x10"A I DON’T NEED TO BLEND IN, WHEN I WAS BORN TO STAND OUT..!!!I won’t blend in to please the world, not anymore. The steps I have built to stand out in my comfortable silence is my height, struggles I bore is my weight, and limits I pushed is my depth. I am standing out as a synopsis of my story, my experiences. Existing in thousand shades of passion and moments suspended in time, I have not found but created myself.Eight nights of light and end of silence! Breaking these chains that I have been holding, I now am awake and unafraid. i am BLENDED NO MORE. About the artworks;-Defying the classic blending technique of blending the paints in oil painting, these pieces are no blending. The IMPASTO technique has been discreetly used here; Impasto is the process or technique of laying on paint or pigment thickly so that it stands out from a surface.It takes a lot of calculation and practice to refrain from blending in the paint. This technique is about placing the patches at the correct spot, which from a closer distance may look like a punch of random dabs of colours, but on stepping back the patches add up to forming a picture.