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Martina Stock


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Martina Stock

Technique: serigraphy on canvas - original art - shipped rolled-up from Germany (EU) - shipping included
Height: 125cm
Width: 205cm

In her large-format serigraphs SET BACK, her central work, Martina Stock plays with the contrast between soft systems and monumental sophistication. Urban geometries are combined with powerful color surfaces, which another reference character is appropriated by her delicate dots. “THE BLUE EROS” was the first project with the interaction of serigraphs, harp playing and light correlating with the respective given circumstances of the performance venue. And with free hanging serigraphs, over which a lighting, choreography was laid, she created a landscape in motion. The rhythm was determined by her harp playing. And with her intuitive and experimental method working, she creates works beyond their reproducibility developing an openness which enables the audience’s own imagination to dock at always new and different frames of references.