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"Golden Roots"

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oil\ acrylic painting on wood .

“I'm planting a tree to teach me to gather strength from my deepest roots.” ― Andrea Koehle Jones, The Wish Trees.

A real masterpiece by Anna,pair of 2 combines a lovely decor on every house or shop and a unique gift for any occasion.

The mold, made of wood with a few rusty nails, piece of metal on the bottom heel,piece of leather on top heel.

The wooden shoe mold are hand-painted with oil paint and covered with a varnish for lasting protection.

My name is Anna Savtchenkov,

From an early age I was interested in drawing and various other aspects of art. In my childhood I found that drawing awakened a sense of curiosity, of travelling in time – a feeling that, even today, is with me when I paint.

The primary inspirations for my creativity are the surroundings in which I grew up – the big city, and my interaction with the world of feelings. 

Man has always experienced extreme emotions of love, hatred, jealousy, grief and memories – but he will always have the passion to learn the important lessons of life from those emotions.

Reality is constantly changing – every minute, every second – and so are we. So no true artist can guarantee a consistency to his creative style. I am not always what “Establishment” expect to see, my journey continues …..

You can hang it on your wall or wherever you like them to decorate your home or lodge! They look amazing on bookshelves,onbookends,paperweight,decorate a shop or as a standalone table piece and its Great as a special gift for any occasion .

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