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Frank Ernesto Arias

The sentry of the post 8

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It is a supposed military guard recreation that should be very rigorous and just the opposite it happen, like a protest act for the militarism without measure, who seeks to raze with the human being good energy. Total deceives again to every imposed act, a relaxed and comfortable answer as if the reality was everything that we wanted.

This canvas was born while I doing the military service, during this time I started to believe so intense in the power of mind, how what we can thought it could happen. Belong to the series: “Demented crazies with mice in the head in a Military Unit”. It was very common in this time to carry out long guards and to see partners also make it, we all complained about the extreme conditions and in many occasions, the intense heat and the hunger were the hardest thing of fighting. I always tried, in the sketches and ideas that I had, this topic with some irony and put more interest in opposed sensations to those that I felt in that moment. Who could imagine sat down in a beautiful beach with abundant foods and drink, dress as you wanted, and making anything; like this scene, with even a beautiful girl that apparently calls or looks for this character that rests in the bank, these beautiful curves in first plan can be the evocation to the sexual pleasure. Far from the sensation of approval that a “military watch” in this way can cause, also interested me to show how exhausting can be something imposed for so good that seems to us. Some people were commended easier tasks inside the Armed Forces, but we observed even this way that always was a complaint, an irrevocable desire of escaping from it, because was clearing: we had to complete, it was a military and obligatory service. Then, how could a military service in the way that makes it this strange character in this fictitious beach be? Clearing carrying out the same action every day, my idea was the same one: exhausting. Not only was it about the conditions that were imposed to us but also of our positive attitude, taking care of what we think, of our benefit without losing our nonconformity gene.   

 The piece in its complete surrealist character has some elements that characterize its creation context, some references, allegories and metaphors:

We must complete orders without discussion in the army; this is one of the most significant things. Majority of the time there is no objectivity for those who completes them. For that reason in the scene a unique focus of light does not exist, and shades are even projected in a random way with different intensities each one. In addition, mushrooms in such a strange place as the beach can make us doubt of the truthfulness of this place.

A  weird  bird  is on one of  the mushrooms, and observes directly what the main character does, but he is not leaving rakes of shades. Still when we thought that, nobody had seen us, our superiors or somebody else knew it. A metaphor of the officials that know what we had made but we do not know how.

The fingers of the two characters are like finger of the anurans (frogs and toads). Since I came from graduating of the Professional School of Arts with a thesis about them, the anatomy of these amphibians has been always present in my works.

A wooden piece in the sand says the initials PCP 3, which indicate Point of Control number 3. Very small the signature is in the trunk saying "50 I / II (the number of my call) one day civil" we used this to indicate when only it was remaining us one day to complete the service, meaning in one day I will be civil again.

The big mushrooms in the sea are what we wanted to make once finished the army, our dreams and aspirations.

In the air of this scene, are floating some circle small pieces somehow the platelets of the blood, was something that began to dazzle me at that time: the interaction of the microscopic with the macroscopic world, and other philosophical aspects as what we are really? Are we a universe inside another so much bigger? A universe where our universe seems as an atom. I could mention diverse references for this topic like the diverse propositions of the theory of everything that the humanity know today, but what it is certain is that we do not still know anything and every time we look for answers appear more questions and this is what really impressed me.

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