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Jure Kralj

Yellow traffic

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The photo is Limited collection item. It comes with a unique box and with all certificates of original artwork. The product is autographed. This one is first of twenty-fifth. Buyer will also receive a plate of artwork authentication.

15% of the price will be donated to the non-profit organization by your choice.

Story behind:

After I booked a ticket to travel to the biggest orchard in the world just to grab a Big Apple. One step to the tunnel from Boeing 747 was enough to see that almost all passengers were in the rush like there is a fire.

I have to wait for two shuttles from JFK to pick me like normal human being. Every second you have to take a deep breath because there is always a wall made of people if your final station is Madison Square Garden filled with 18,000 fans of New York Rangers.

While cruising through the streets of New York and trying to observe all these concreted "monuments" reaching to the top of the sky, I was pushed countless times by the modern "zombies" with phones in their hands. On the streets, there was like a billion people and it was so hard for me to infiltrate in the crowds of chaos. Time to time I notice that yellow rescue cabs were passing by. Numbers of trying to be rescued by the cabs I faced the cruel reality to be fastened by another "survival". After dawn fall of the sky where you see lots of shadow vehicles skyrocketing around the city grid with bright lights and loud noises made by sirens of emergency and law enforcement.

Overall was an unforgettable trip filled with different levels of transportation. From skyrocketing on the roads with yellow "maniacs", seconds later lifted through the clouds to the top of the sky in next frame of the film I was in shaky steeled mole digging underground the orchard paths.


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Paintings that do not contain any  bars to support it.

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That could be anything else... From an installation or sculpture, to paintings on a special surface like wood, stone or glas.

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